Binary Options Trading – Is It Risky Business Or A Safe Investment?

Binary Options Trading – Is It Risky Business Or A Safe Investment?


In this article, we’re going to discuss the topic, “are binary options risky or not”. Just like almost every investment, a significant amount of risk is involved with binary options. Although it is considered to be quite popular amongst beginner investors, it is no doubt a risky bet for them since its success depends on the prediction of the forthcoming market trends of the underlying assets. In fact, any novice investor will find it difficult to anticipate the price movement correctly without any sufficient market knowledge. A beginner will not be aware of the different technical analysis tools used to guess the future price movement correctly. Consequently, it would not be possible for them to select successful positions and generate revenues by means of binary options.

How do trading tools help a binary options trader

There is a possibility for the market to fluctuate in various directions depending on different financial events. Any beginner will not be able to understand these techniques since they lack adequate market expertise and knowledge to perform such analysis.

On the other hand, a professional trader will be able to use the different technical indicators successfully to predict the price movements accurately, and they will also be able to generate signals depending on news events or technical analysis. Furthermore, these professional investors have the ability to understand the amount of cash to invest in each trade thanks to their money management skills. On the contrary, a small success will make a beginner excited, and he will start investing excessively in any single trade. The newbies become emotional while making their trading decisions, and consequently, they are likely to incur losses.

Beginners don’t know the right strategies

While a beginner investor is unaware of various trading strategies such as trend trading strategy, hedging, breakout trading strategy, news trading strategy and so on, any professional trader will comprehend these strategies easily which will make them successful in the long run. These professionals are able to reduce their losses by following a risk-reversal strategy, and for this, they place both “Call” and “Put” option at the same time on any underlying asset that is constantly fluctuating. A beginner will find it extremely difficult to comprehend the intricacies of such trading strategies in order to foresee the market trends in future. Consequently, it prevents them from placing successful trading positions and on most occasions, their options expire out of the money.

Beginners do not know how to predict price movements

Any beginner trader will not be able to guess the assets’ price movement under the fluctuating market conditions, and the majority of them are going to lose a significant portion of their trades. In fact, you will have a better chance of winning at a roulette table as compared to blindly investing in binary options. Being extremely dynamic, the market fluctuates rapidly depending on different financial events such as jobs report announcement, enhancement in interest rate, reports of different companies, political changes, investor sentiments, and other geopolitical aspects. It is imperative to keep track of the market news on a regular basis along with different events which will make it easy to guess any underlying asset’s movement irrespective of whether it is quality, stock, market index or currency pair. A professional trader will be able to comprehend the way to imply various technical indicators as well as support and resistance levels for placing successful trades depending on the market analysis.

Payout percentage by your broker is key

When it comes to binary options, both the potential profit and loss is restricted depending on the payout percentage provided by the broker implying that there isn’t any unrestricted upside potential such as margin trading. Nevertheless, the good thing is that it is impossible to lose more than the amount invested by you in any specific trade since the risk is also capped. A professional trader will find this to be quite beneficial since he comprehends the risk-to-reward ratio clearly and has also the necessary trading expertise to use binary options to his advantage. It is essential to monitor the price movements carefully since even a slight movement in the reverse direction can result in an unsuccessful trade.

Binary options are a certain risk for a beginning investor

Thus it is apparent that binary options can be quite risky for any beginner trader who lacks adequate trading skills and market knowledge. One needs to have a proper comprehension of the technical indicators along with fantastic market skills to become a successful binary options trader. It is advisable for any beginner to start improving their trading expertise as well as market knowledge after opening a demo account. He will eventually be able to begin investing with real money after gaining adequate trading knowledge just like a pro.

Why Trading Is Dangerous

Why Trading Is Dangerous

Trading stock
If you want to try making some quick money trading may be the thing you should try. This will be an ideal situation for you to enter to try an alternative arrangement for earning some extra income other than your regular job. You can make it your primary job once you master your trading skills.

The market is so huge that it may not be possible for an individual to be aware of the crucial changes that occur all over such as exchange rate fluctuations, political influences, and economic factors. Even the experienced bankers and traders can not predict how these changes can affect your trade.

But this step has to be taken very cautiously as trading is highly volatile, it is very, very large that it is easy for you to miss a turn that affect your investment, it is unpredictable, and has high risk involved.

The get rich aspect is where the risk is

The fact that trading is all about making a fast buck, it posed the danger of you getting addicted to this just like in gambling and it is open to whoever is willing throughout the day and throughout the year.

Only large banks were dealing with trading stocks previously. Globalization and relaxation of foreign exchange rules make it possible for anyone to trade. With this the market achieved more liquidity and more active as the trading is happening all over the world with no time limit.

You may get stuck with a bad broker

Choosing an unreliable or dishonest broker can lead to problems as they can widen spreads during volatile market conditions affecting the retail trader. They can even refuse to trade sometimes. Choosing a reliable broker is essential to your success.

Scams were very common years ago when dealing with a broker. However, one can be confident in company one is working with by checking their background and the institutions they are associated with (large banks, important insurance companies)
Huge leverage is provided to traders. If not managed properly, this leads to dangerous positions that expose the account to unjustified risk.

Trading gives you a chance to invest your money successfully, but that is not enough! You have to be careful because trading can be both an profitable home business or it can be a source of a major headache and an empty wallet.